Analytical Testing

Compliance Designs offers comprehensive bottled water analyses to meet Federal, State and/or Industry standards at competitive prices. We also provide flexibility with regards to early notification of results, soft-copy transmittal of analytical data, and a comprehensive summary designed as a marketing tool that consolidates all laboratory results in a concise easy-to-read format. What CDI accomplishes with their analytical testing program is ease of sampling and analysis, and increased communication and flexibility.

Administrative Permit Management

We were the first to do it. We are the best at what we do. Compliance Designs has been providing permit management services to members of the bottled water and beverage industries for over 30 years. We use our wealth of experience and knowledge to keep abreast of state licensing requirements for the manufacture and distribution of bottled waters and beverages. Our established relationships with many state regulatory agencies allows us to apply for and maintain state licenses, with as little effort on the part of the manufacturing personnel as possible.